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      A collaborative partnership, working together to provide efficient and innovative services to the community.

      Project Overview

      With the incorporation of Centennial, Colorado in 2001, the new city began with a clean slate and a desire to create a place their residents were proud to call home. From the beginning, Centennial aimed to be a small government, partnering with other agencies and the private sector for the majority of its services.

      Faced with the complexity of creating a new public works department in 2007, Jacobs began the journey to help achieve the city’s vision of a model public works department that assists in day-to-day operations all while keeping focus on the citizens.

      Working as an extension of the city, Jacobs provides public works services to more than 106,000 residents – delivering a broad range of services from traffic engineering to snow removal while being flexible to the city and citizen’s needs.

      Together we have worked to make Centennial a model for what can be done when a city and the private-sector collaborate. Forming a deep relationship with the city allows our team to anticipate needs and work to build a strong track record of success.




      Key facts


      average miles per plow nearly two times the average of adjacent jurisdictions.



      less time to cover the?city’s snow route network due to optimized snow routes.



      people are better connected to their city.



      citizens may voice their concerns to the citizen response center.





      The City of Centennial’s evolving public-private partnership with Jacobs continues to improve the quality of services provided to our residents. Together we have found ways to save money, streamline processes and develop innovative ideas. This high-performing partnership continues to be a model for cities throughout the U.S. as we continue to raise the bar in terms of performance. I look forward to the continued success as our relationship with Jacobs strengthens over time.
      John Danielson
      City Manager
      • A city employee repairs a sidewalk
      • A city employee ready to go off to work
      • Citizen Response Center putting a citizen’s request into the system.
      • We provide maintenance services at the award-winning Centennial Center Park.

      Meet the team

      What was involved?

      When it comes to running a complete public works department, Jacobs and the city built a one-of-a-kind partnership to ensure the community gets exactly what they need, when they need it.


      Looking west on Arapahoe Road in Centennial, Colorado

      Deliver a complete range of services including traffic engineering and operations, permit processing, inspections, administrative services and street and roadside maintenance, including snow removal.

      Answer and immediately respond to the residents and local business calls 24/7 at the Citizen Response Center.

      Manage code compliance operations, including award-winning program to limit visual sign clutter in public right-of-ways.

      Provide all building, landscaping, park and fleet maintenance services for the city, including maintenance of the award-winning Centennial Center Park.

      Optimize snow plow and street-sweeping routes, using?in-plow GPS navigation systems to reduce fuel use and limit greenhouse gas emissions while quickly and efficiently clearing snow from community roadways.

      Community impact

      In late 2009, Centennial sent 3,000 surveys to residents to measure their impressions of the city’s public works operations. The survey had a 32 percent response rate. Some of the highest satisfaction was in the responsiveness of the city and the overall quality of life. Seventy-nine percent of those who returned the survey ranked the overall quality of life as good or excellent, and 28 percent ranked the city excellent. These surveys are a great way to make sure we are doing want the community wants.


      Collecting trash in the community
      In Detail
      We provide maintenance services at the award-winning Centennial Center Park.

      New city, new rules

      Centennial, Colorado has created a flexible system to meet community needs.

      We’re all ears. Decades of experience has taught us how important it is to listen. That’s why we begin our partnerships with a conversation. When Centennial told us about their most pressing challenges, we created custom-tailored solutions.

      Change is constant – let’s plan on it ?

      No one can predict the future, but we can plan for the necessary wiggle room of life’s uncertainties. The Centennial and Jacobs partnership designed a flexible and adjustable service through a value-exchange system. This system allows the city to adjust service quantities based on their changing priorities and demands. So, for example, if a mild winter requires less snow plowing, the city then can decide to use those dollars for additional road striping. The city can now more effectively manage its budget over the contract’s lifetime while performance standards enable it to control the timing and amount of service performed and pass the risk of quality and deadline commitments to us. Now doesn’t that make planning for the future a little less daunting?

      Innovation that can stand up to mother nature

      Clearing snow in Centennial was costly and difficult. Jacobs introduced a variety of innovative approaches to optimize the way the city dealt with snow, including updating an old snowplow routing solution, applying updated algorithms and using consumer-grade GPS units to reduce the snowplowing time for city streets by as much as 40 percent. The snowplow optimization allows the city to extend services with its existing fleet to improve speed, frequency and range of snow plowing services?–?improving community ?safety and transportation access during hazardous snow conditions.

      Giving the community a voice

      Centennial now offers a place for the community to ask questions and voice concerns. Jacobs established a consolidated customer service center that serves as a single point of contact for all resident concerns, not just public works. Residents can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or submit requests online. Information is entered into a work-order tracking system along with the requesters’ contact information, so a representative may update them on the progress of work through completion of the project.